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Wishes for warriors and the Domino Effect

The way I see things is that we’ve all seen the domino effect. For some of us it was playing with actual domino pieces and lining them up in some cool artistic form, tipping the first one over, and watching the whole thing unravel right before our eyes. Coolest thing in the world at that moment of time right? I thought so too! If close my eyes I can still picture all my masterpieces in action. As we grow up though, we begin to forget about those domino pieces. We begin to forget the joy it once brought to our lives.

As we all live on we come across special people who have the heart, the Will, the pure passion to change peoples lives, and begin the domino effect. Wishes for Warriors is one of those special groups that has done nothing but. I was blessed enough to witness what life change is all about. I got to see what passion really is. I once stood in a room full of kind souls that would utterly leave the world speechless just from the pure hospitality. so what does the domino effect have to do with this? Absolutely everything.

Wishes for Warriors is a special family. They had a vision and rolled with it. As you watch how they change lives it‘ll light a fire deep inside you that will make you want to do the same. They started the domino effect. They are the starting piece of an artistic masterpiece unraveling one domino at a time. The more they change lives, the more energy they transfer into another person just waiting to transfer it again.

Do you want to help change a veterans life? Check out the Wishes for Warriors website and or Facebook page. See what these amazing people are all about the dreams they make come true! Pick up some of their awesome apparel. They have T-shirts for both men and women, silkies for the gym goes and caps for any occasion! Help spread awareness and at the same time appreciation for our Veterans! Be part of this phenomenal masterpiece! Join in on the domino effect and help Change a veterans life today!

Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Hope y’all have a great Sunday filled with peace and serenity!!

And as always never forget God, Country, and Freedom🇺🇸 Talk to yall soon

-Nico Salinas

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