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Good morning everyone!! How is everybody doing today ?! If you’re anywhere near South Texas then you’re definitely feeling the heat but It’s a great time to hop in your truck or car and hit the island and jump into that nice cooling saltwater! Careful though, that sunburn will sneak up on ya!

It’s summer time, so get on the water and toss a line, or make a killer dent in our terrible hog population! Try going to the gun range and getting the taste of something new! Get outdoors and enjoy the lifestyle!

There’s a few guys that are ALL about the lifestyle and have an amazing panorama about it. Tactical? Yeah these folks are all about guns and ammo!!! From slaying trailer loads of hogs, to rippin lips in the water, they just can’t get enough! I got to talk to one of the guys because I wanted to know what TACHUNTFISH is all about.

So Whats the inspiration behind THF?

THF: “To us its not a brand, it’s a lifestyle that we live each and everyday.  Whether it be gearing up and going to work not knowing what the day might bring or heading out to do some hunting or fishing in our off time.  It’s a lifestyle that has been instilled in us for quite some time. The brand is just a representation of our lifestyle, to be honest.”

Have y’all always had a passion for the outdoors?

THF: “It’s funny, but we actually grew up about 3 miles from each other and we can tell you that where we grew up is isolated and there’s not much to do but to hunt and fish.  It wasn’t a passion as kids because we didn’t quite understand the meaning of taking a life to preserve life.  That would come later on in life with personal experiences.  Being passionate also brings a lot of emotion.  One would say when you look deep into the outdoors you can have a clearer view of your independent perspective on life.  Honestly, we can’t say it’s therapeutic; although that’s generally what people would typically say about their escape and adventure into the outdoors.  When we hunt and fish we are trying to get into the mindset of animals in attempt to understand the reasoning behind them being skittish and on high alert when you’re still a mile away, or when we’re after that specific trophy fish that won’t bite.  It can be mind boggling. 

You think you have this plan and strategy in your head as to what you think the animals will do and then bam; they do something completely opposite.  At times it can be very frustrating and other times, it’s very rewarding.  It’s an emotional rollercoaster.  When you live this lifestyle, the outdoors becomes a part of you.  It’s all you think about, it’s literally all you want to do. Some people call it an obsession, we call it a way of life.  It’s deep.”

I love the sheepdog shirt! How did it come to be and what’s the meaning behind it?

THF: “Theres an old saying in the law enforcement world that says, “You’re either a sheep or a sheepdog”.  When you take the oath of office and raise your right hand, you are swearing that you will uphold the law.  To uphold the constitution and to protect the public from any foreign and domestic threats, that’s when you become a Sheep Dog. It’s a brotherhood banded by the color blue.  When one hurts we all hurt. 

There was a local officer shot while on duty, a State Trooper that’s a personal friend, and he sustained life threatening injuries which placed him in critical condition.  We decided to do our part in raising funds for him and his family to help support them in this time of need.  The  sales that came through our website for the SHEEPDOG shirt were all deposited into the family’s bank account which was setup by his agency; 100% of them.  We’re in a position where we’re able to connect with people nationwide so we utilized our outlet.  It’s a brotherhood.”

From: TACHUNTFISH to our veterans and active duty... “We have been working within the law enforcement environment for quite sometime now and you get to meet and work with a lot of people who served or who are serving; they’re a different breed.  Someone who is willing to lay down his/her life for his brother or sister deserves the up most respect and they have it from us, 100 percent.  Not all heroes wear capes, they take an oath to selflessly serve and protect the American people worldwide when they’re called upon.  Their sacrifices are most definitely appreciated and ALL military, regardless of what era, are held high in our book.”

Well are hearts and prayers are with you all and to the family of the local officer!

Thank you guys for letting us know what TACHUNTFISH is all about and what it means to y’all!

As always remember God, Country, Freedom!🇺🇸

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