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Wishes for Warriors! A dream within a dream...

From one person to another we all have different dreams. Different aspirations. Different ideas on what the perfect day or week may consist of.

My father, a retired USAF veteran alongside US Army veteran Justin Gornto were granted the wish of a lifetime! As they started their journey to Saskatchewan, Canada to go slay a bear and rip some monster pike out the water, the feeling of relief became easy to see. Although I was not there my dad came home with such comfort in his soul, I became to realize the meaning of his trip wasn’t just to hunt a big game animal. It was a lot more than any one us everyday civilians could ever comprehend.

From my perspective these are just dreams within a dream. Going to hunt is just a small part of the true meaning of what these trips really are! I was able to mentally picture it first hand as my dad would tell me the stories of all the laughs that he got to enjoy. He would laugh as he told me about his trip like he hadn’t laughed in years. My dad would smile looking back on the time he had with veterans Justin Gornto and Jesse Reyes like he hadn’t Smiled in years. As I paid attention to my dad over a cold beer, little things such as being more at ease became very apparent. Cj PikeHunter and Adventure Destinations provided these folks with such enthusiasm and hospitality on their outdoor adventure. As they were humbled by it all, it was a trip they’ll never forget!! Was it because they had