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Keep calm and just Fish🤙🏻

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is starting off their week with stellar enthusiasm! Unlike I, who locked my Keys in the truck haha😂 what can ya do right ? Sometimes Mondays just get the best of you, but there is always a weekend ahead to look forward to!! Get outdoors and hit the water!

You can never go wrong by gettin on the water and snaggin’ A few fish. Every fisherman knows and will tell ya, there is no better feeling than watching that rod bend and listening to that monster fish putting that drag to work ! It will get your adrenaline pumping every time. For those of who have yet to go fishing grab a couple buddies and enjoy! It is one of the most therapeutic actives there is.

The brothers in the picture above are a couple really good buddies of mine. They go by the names of Miguel and Nick Uresti. They are what you call your natural born anglers and outdoor enthusiast! These pictures were taken a few days out of South Padre Island! They love to hit the water every chance they get. From wading to deep sea fishing they do it all!

They’re a couple great guys and respectable anglers! If there’s anything I’ve learned from them is that after a day of fishing they always come back with a smile. Fishing isn’t always about setting a hook for some. Its all about relaxing and easing the stresses of everyday life with nature.

Ever heard of the Biophilia Hypothesis? Its suggest that humans possess the innate tendacy to seek connections with nature and others forms of life.

Try it ! Enjoy the natural remedies for relaxing and enjoy the therapeutic outdoors with something new and different!!

Once you start fishing I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

As always remember God, Country, and Freedom🇺🇸 Y’all have a blessed day And a gnarly week!!

Ps. Wish me luck on getting my keys out!. Thanks in advance 🤪🤙🏻

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