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I’m back🤪

Hey folks sorry for the delay! I hope everybody is doing extremely well and enjoying the finer things in life such as green grass, fresh fruit, and a few margaritas because why not right ? It’s summer !

Sorry I havent been keeping up with this as much I should have been lately but I was caught with school finals and I hope y’all can forgive me with that!

If there are any questions at all or any topics y’all would like to read about please leave a comment or Send us a message and I’d enjoy to write about it! Check out the website and pick up some the amazing gear we have to offer to help support our veterans! It’s summer time so snag a pair of silkies!🤙🏼

Anyways I’ll be back shortly with a new blog so don’t stray too far !!

As always remember God, Country, Freedom!!🇺🇸

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