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Happy Easter to our Veterans and Active Duty 🇺🇸

Good afternoon folks! I hope everybody is having a great weekend !! It’s clear and sunny here in south Texas and a stellar weekend to enjoy the outdoors !

I Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter and hope you enjoy the time spent with family and loved ones!! I do know I am a day early but for those overseas may be having their Easter as you read this. Not everyone gets to be home for Easter so please don’t forget about the ones you can’t !

When my father was active duty and overseas i remember we would have Our entire holiday celebrations in the matter of about 10 minutes over a webcam. It was rare we had good connection to top it off Or even got to say bye. It would lag and be pixilated and would sometimes even cut out. We celebrated together though, and thats what mattered

So whether if it’s 10 seconds or 10 minutes, Remind our veterans that there is alwa