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it's time to get back outside and do what you enjoy doing. together.

Did you know, over 70% of our veterans just want to be outside? Passion comes in many forms. No matter what it is, we make it happen. So 9/10 of our veterans wish to go hunting, fishing or riding because they either miss the outdoors or because they haven't had the opportunity. Here we have incredible outdoor opportunities to surprise our veterans us make more memories for them. It's their life...let's help them enjoy it!


*All events subject to change*

  • Jan 10, 2024, 10:00 AM MST – Jan 15, 2024, 10:00 AM MST
    Location added later, Arizona, USA
    That's's the GOLD rush again! Wishes For Warriors is excited to host a Gold Prospecting 101 class/clinic for veterans, first responders and their families! No claim jumping allowed! (hehe) We hope to see you all there!
  • May 16, 2024, 6:00 AM MDT – May 19, 2024, 5:30 PM MDT
    St. Anthony Sand Dunes, St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho, USA
    Join us for an awesome excursion, enjoying some exciting and beautiful areas of Eastern Idaho! Whether you are a local or out of state, you will love meeting incredible people and chillin' on Idaho roads and dunes with some fun people!
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